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Advocate fixes painful borrower insurance compliance with simple and intuitive solutions. Onboard in under 20 minutes today.

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Our platform controls the insurance compliance process to deliver your loan operation team winning outcomes.

Increase earnings
Improve borrower satisfaction
Decrease closing times
Improve risk management
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What only Advocate can offer you

55% reduction in review time

View loan compliance status in real-time on your dashboard.

100% secured communications

Submit documents securely instead of through unsecure email channels.

95% reduction in review errors

Each compliance check per loan is recorded in our auditable electronic record.

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the great work that Advocate is doing on insurance reviews and monitoring for SkyBeam Capital. You have taken an area where we had limited expertise and vastly improved our certainty of property risk coverage. In addition to that, Advocate has enabled us to scale up our closing volume without impacting our staff time, both pre- and post-closing, the way it would be if we were doing this in-house. Your review staff has managed to keep up with the necessary speed of our closings and we appreciate your partnership!”

I can't recommend Advocate enough! Their insurance compliance services are top-notch and their client service is second to none. Not only is the team easy to work with, their innovative portal makes the insurance compliance process quick and straightforward. The speed and accuracy of their work is truly impressive.

Fast and reliable service

Our insurance consultants use technology to deliver fast and reliable service. Leave legacy insurance consultants behind for good.

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